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Chick-fil-A First Fan Family Contest

Chick-fil-A First Fan Family Contest

Tell us why your family deserves free Chick-fil-A, a ride on an Opening Day float, and Opening Day tickets! Write a paragraph that answers the following questions and then upload a picture of your family!

  • Why is your family Chick-fil-A’s #1 fan?

Chick-fil-A-First Fan Family Contest.

Chick-fil-A-First Fan Family Contest.

Show us your hometown spirit to win Chick-fil-A’s Opening Day Experience!

Win $1,000 in free Chick-fil-A, ride on Chick-fil-A's float in the Findlay Market Opening Day Parade and attend Reds Opening Day.

Get creative! Scroll down to the entry section below, click the red box that says "Enter Your Own" and answer the questions in the form (the questions are also below) and upload a picture that shows us your love of Chick-fil-A, the Reds and your hometown.


  1. Why are you Chick-fil-A's #1 fan?
  2. Why do you love the Cincinnati Reds?

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